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IDPA training course

865.00 лв.
IDPA training course.

IDPA or International Defensive Pistol Association was created to reflect more realistic defensive shooting techniques.

Students will perform exercises with limited and unlimited scoring criteria. Using only standard

equipment trainees will move thru a series of concealed and unconcealed shooting exercises that target speed

and accuracy. Train under more realistic conditions and still be confident enough to control your weapon – shoot

and move in order to compete at a higher level.

Duration: 3 DAYS


– Basic concealed carry techniques.

– Positional shooting exercises.

– Movement and shooting exercises.

– Sight picture techniques for speed and accuracy.

– Shooting tempo and placement.

– Gear and ammunition awareness exercises.

– Short and full competition sequences.

Facility : tactical shooting range and polygon

Weaponry : Glock 17 , CZ 75D Compact , Walther , Makarov etc.

Ammunition : minimum of 500 rds per person , 9x19mm

Number of trainees : a minimum of 5 persons is required

Price of training course :666 EUR per person ( in the price is not included accommodation and catering services )

The payment can be made by bank transfer, a deposit is required , equal to 30%.
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